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Construction Management 

Construction Management is a fee-based service in which the Construction Manager (CM) is responsible exclusively to the Owner and acts in the owner’s interests at every stage of the project.  The Construction Manager acts as an extension of staff to the owner and oversees the entire project with management expertise that can assure the best possible project outcome, uncolored by any conflicting interest, on all project related matters.  Full Construction Management Services typically start at the inception or idea of a project and may consists of up to four phases, Pre-Referendum, Pre-Construction, Design / Development, and Construction and Close-Out. Construction Associates, LLC offers Construction Management Services based on the AIA C132 - 2009 Agreement between Owner and Construction Manager. We additionally offer Construction Management At-Risk services.

Modified Construction Management

We realize that not every project is the same and therefore not every owner is the same. Whether due to budget constraints; schedule demands; constructability or recommendations of the Design team;  every Owner and project vary in their complexity. We also do not believe it is in the best interests of any project to dictate to the client what services we will and will not provide. From our full compliment of Construction Management Services, Construction Associates works with the Owner to select any items they choose to have our firm oversee and then to determine whether we just simply monitor and report or have full contractual oversight and control. The full compliment of services you, the owner, may select from are as follows; Full CM, Modified CM, Owners Rep., Clerk Of The Works, or Integrated Project Manager

Owners Representative 

The association between Owner and the Project team has a tendency to lend itself to cost and schedule overruns as well as disputes between team members. This has the potential to go on endlessly and cause detriment to the project.
However, Construction Associates has been able to perform in this role with great success.  This is due to our management style and ability to understand both Owners desires and Projects needs. Although we may not be contractually obligated on an issue we will always provide assistance to the Owner.



Construction Associates, LLC has been a family owned and operated entity since its’ founding in 1980. 

When Douglas Deeb first envisioned this company he believed that it would one day be a leader in the construction management industry, it was based on a core system of beliefs.  His firm would operate under the highest ethical standards; as well as with integrity, honesty and good old fashioned hard work. After 40+ years of doing business, we still follow these standards today.

Helping develop the success of Construction Associates is an executive staff hand selected by Douglas himself.  Collectively the executive staff has over 150 years of experience in all areas of development, construction, delivery and management.



  • Douglas R. Deeb, Founder

  • Kyle D. Deeb, Owner /  President 

  • Peter F. Marsenison, Vice President 





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Corporate Office

2731 Brundage Rd

Baldwinsville, New York 13027

Tel: 315-638-7000


To apply for a job with Construction Associates, please send a cover letter together with your resume to:


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